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Retaining Relationships

In today's tightening credit environment many customers have financing needs that their lenders are unable to fill. If the customer is determined to get the financing they need the lender often loses the entire relationship to a more aggressive bank.

First Resource Capital has worked successfully with banks to help them retain the relationship with customers whose borrowing needs are outside their credit standards. Often we are able to help the bank expand its existing relationship through the use of lock boxes and other cash management services.

The most common financing need that banks are unable to meet is the need for working capital financing. Through our established relationships with asset based lenders, factors and purchase order finance companies we are able to meet the financing needs of most customers whether their business is wholesale, retail, manufacturing, medical or in some circumstances, even construction.

It is not our goal to take the place of the bank but rather to provide the financing the customer needs until the customer "graduates" back to a traditional, full service relationship with their bank.


All loans are good when you make them, right?  We all know that economic conditions change, borrowers make mistakes and sometimes, despite all the lender can do, problem loans arise.  Sometimes, a bank's credit culture changes and a credit that was acceptable before no longer is.

Since it's founding in 2000, First Resource Capital has helped our client banks move millions of dollars of criticized assets out of their portfolios.  We do this by working closely with the lender and borrower to arrange financing that moves the loan to another funding source without compromising the borrower's viability as a going concern.  Our goal is to find the best solution for both the lender and the borrower.

New Relationships

If you have ever had a prospective customer with an excellent business plan and adequate equity but whose needs were outside the "credit culture" of your bank, you know the frustration of seeing business walk out the door. Since most customers have their depository relationships with their lender you will likely lose any chance of getting their business in the future.

First Resource Capital can arrange financing for many of these customers through our network of non-bank lenders, leasing companies and other funding sources. By referring the customer to us you can attract their depository accounts now and increase your chances of getting their loan business later. Again, we will work with you in obtaining this business once the customer has matured to the point that it fits your bank's lending profile.