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Working Capital Solutions

Includes Oil & Gas, Staffing Firms, Manufacturing, Transportation & Freight, Distributors, Wholesalers, Service Providers, Technology, and more!

For businesses, having access to working capital is essential for covering expenses, day-to-day operations, and growth projects. First Resource Capital provides a number of working capital solutions for businesses nationwide.

When capital is tied up in unpaid invoices, gaps in cash flow can occur that can prevent businesses from covering overhead, making payroll, or achieving successful growth. First Resource Capital offers accounts receivable factoring to convert unpaid invoices to cash. Our accounts receivable factoring allows businesses to improve cash flow with a fast turnaround on invoices. There is no need to have your revenue held up by customers who are slow to make payments. Our accounts receivable financing program is available to a wide range of industries.

Asset-Based Lines of Credit and Sale Leaseback Financing

First Resource Capital offers asset-based lines of credit that are structured around equipment, accounts receivable, and inventory. Asset-based lines of credit are a great way to create a reliable source of working capital by leveraging what you already own. Asset-based lines of credit provide discretionary capital that can be used for anything your business needs, such as:

  • Making payroll
  • Inventory purchases
  • Taking advantage of discounts
  • Rolling out plans for growth
  • Recapitlaizations
  • Leveraged buyouts

Asset-based lending from First Resource Capital also grows with your business. As your business receives more sales, acquires new equipment, or expands inventory, the line of credit can be adjusted to reflect that growth.

If your business needs working capital, you can leverage the equipment you own to get the financing you need. Fist Resource Capital offers sale leaseback financing that features:

  • Terms up to 60 months
  • Challenged credit welcome
  • Available for startups
  • Real estate considered (up to 70% LTV)
  • Hard collateral (up to 75% forced liquidation value)

Lease leaseback financing gives businesses the capital they need by leveraging assets they already own.

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